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Check out our instructional products, along with our Ultimate Strike Zone gear.
Until a on-line ordering system is in place, you can place an order by e-mailing us at

Instructional Pitching Video
This video, done by CMU Head Baseball Coach Steve Jaksa, includes drills that will ensure proper pitching mechanics in a step-by-step approach to build a successful pitching foundation to improve control, proper arm action and hand position. This video works for teaching both young pitchers and their coaches; little league through college.
The video includes:
* Six throwing drills emphasizing proper technique for different pitches and arm action.
* Four non-throwing drills to enhance pitchability.
* The five phases of pitching (ready, pivot, balance, power, and follow through).
"Pitching With A Purpose"

Thera-Band Cords
This cord comes with a booklet of excercises and drills used by the CMU baseball team, which will promote strength and flexibility in your throwing arm.

Thera-Band Cord

Baseball Book

"Preparing For Success"

This booklet was put together by the CMU coaching staff. It contains instructional information on hitting, pitching, catching, and weight training. The drills and techniques are those used at CMU.


Shirts and Hats

T-Shirts $10.00
Hats $10.00