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1. No schedule changes allowed, except by Tournament Comittee. All rosters are limited to 20 players, which must be submitted prior to the first game played.

2. Age restrictions. This tournament is only open to players born on or after January 1, 1987.

3. Teams are responsible for retrieving four balls. The umpires will ask for additional baseballs if the teams fail to retrieve and return foul balls.

4. Pre-Game Procedures: Ten minute of infield per team (first game of each day only, if time permits). Example - Home team infield 8:35, visitor infield 8:45, game time 9:00. Batting practice confined to batting cages only.

5. AABC Connie Mack Rules Will Apply. DH is optional. Courtesy runner for catchers and pitchers may be used. Safety slide rule in effect.

6. Managers will flip for home team. Home team will use 3rd base dugout.

7. All games are 7 innings. 2 point win/ 1 point tie. No inning to start after 1 hour and 50 minutes unless tied. If tied, play a max of 2 extra innings using the international tiebreaker rule. Official scorer and umpire to keep time. Mercy rule will be 10 runs after four innings, and 8 runs after 5.

8. Any throwing of equipment, outburst of tember, or conduct unbecoming of the game of baseball will result in the immediate expulsion from the game. Any player, coach or manager ejected from a game is done for the remainder of that day. A second ejection by the same person will result in disqualification from the remainder of the tournament.

9. Protests: $30 must be presented at the time of the protest and protests must be settled before play continues. Home plate umpire and tourney chief will decide protest. Money will be refunded if protest accepted.

10. Field ground rules will be determined by umpires at respective sites prior to game.

11. Round Robin format with each team playing four games.

12. No refund of entry fee if three games are played. If less than three games are played, a refund of $25 per game under three will be paid.

13. Home team will be the official scorer for each game. Game scores must be called in Jason Ball's cell phone at (989) 928-4854, who will be in the Tournament office located in the Theunissen Stadium Press Box.

14. Champion Tie Breaker Formula: A. Head to head competition, B. Least runs given up, C. Greatest difference in runs between opponents for all games, D. Most runs scored.

15. Championship game: no time limit, no tie breaker rule, mercy rule still in effect