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  1. Games last 50 minutes- no inning will start after the time has expired.
  2. Batters swing until hit is achieved or two swings are used.
  3. Batters are expected to swing at all strikes.
  4. Teams switch after three outs.
  5. When the bucket of balls has been depleted, both teams are expected to help refill (clock continues to run).
  6. Home team will not bat if time has expired and they have won the contest.
  7. All calls are determined by the judgment of the umpire.
  8. All teams are expected to keep an accurate score sheet of their contest.
  9. Any disputes will be settled by the acting umpire’s judgment.
  10. Only official Little League bats may be used in the Rookie League.
  11. There will be no throwing of bats or helmets in the hitting league.



  1. Unpenalized line-ups will consist of four to eight players.
  2. Line-ups of three players must take an out to the four spot.
  3. Line-ups of two players must take an out in the three spot
  4. Line-ups of one player must take an out in the two spot.
  5. In the case of a reschedule or no-show- the opposing team will play for 25 minutes and may use the cage for the remaining time.
  6. Players arriving late may be inserted into the line-up to avoid penalty.
  7. Only players on the roster are eligible to hit.



  1. Score sheets are to be kept accurately by each team.
  2. To be eligible for the league leader board, the player must have an average of ten at-bats per week.
  3. Playoff statistics will count toward season ending statistics.
  4. Statistics will be updated weekly and will be posted on the internet at


  1. Scoring areas must be hit in the air.
  2. Scoring goes as follows: Single=1 point, Double=2 points, Triple=3 points, Home Run=4 points.
  3. Only exception is a one bounce to the back of the cage panel, which will be scored a single (umpire’s discretion).
  4. All scoring calls are determined by the umpire’s judgment.
  5. “Hooting” is discouraged but not illegal.